Quinta do Barco Cheio
Lagos | Algarve | Portugal
RNAL 3515/AL

Welcome to the
Full Boat Farm

By Liesbeth + Joaquim

Holidays at “donkey pace”

Children and a donkey

The Quinta do Barco Cheio is situated in Sargaçal, a rural area at 4 km from Lagos and its beaches.

There is a local bus service, but self-driving is recommended for visitors.

The Farm house consists of two distinctive areas: the Bronswijk Marreiros family permanent residency, where Joaquim, Liesbeth and their four kids live and an apartment that can take up to six guests.

The entire Farm facilities are prepared for guests with reduced mobility.

A place in harmony with Nature

Hoopoe in a fig tree.

Guests are welcome to participate in all Farm activities.

The land around the house, an acre and a half with stables and other supporting facilities has a small vegetable garden with biological production for self-consumption, an orchard (mostly fig trees) and pasture for donkeys. Cats, dogs, guinea-pigs and chickens complete the animal community.

Located in the wet lands on the left bank of Bensafrim creek, the 150 species of identified birds are an attraction for bird-watchers. The neighbor farm Monte da Casteleja is a biological wine producer of recognized fine quality.